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Integrate with talented, specialized, and experienced developers directly with your team and dev process

What we do

Data Solutions

Data analysis to understand your company in real-time and make the right decisions in record time.

Web & App

We develop customized web and app solutions for each of our client’s business needs.

Staff Augmentation

The extra hand you need, whenever you need it. Start with a team as small as 1, and build high-performing on-demand team.

Our business knowledge allows us to participate in your company’s cultural and digital transformation, integrating and co-creating solutions and products efficiently.

Based in Uruguay

Located in LATAM facilitates collaboration with teams during normal working hours.

Convenient timezone

We are located in a strategic timezone for working with the Amercias (EST +1)

Top software exporter

Uruguay is the top per capita software exporter in Latin America. The software industry is the third largest export sector in the country.

Macroeconomic Stability leaders

In 2019 Uruguay reached the longest period of economic growth in its history, consolidating 17 years of expansion at an average annual rate of 3.8%

1st in ICT Ranking

Uruguay leads the ICT Development Index for Latin America. It is also the first and only country in South America to be part of D9, the group of the world’s most advanced states in digital governance.

About Us

A partner-driven software agency

Since our beginning, Boostmont has focused on integrating agile development process in collaboration with Early-stage & Mid-Market Product companies with IT Consulting, App Development, and On-demand Tech Resources. 

We highlight transparency, honesty and proactive feedback among some attributes of our team. Unlike other outsourced providers, we receive and give feedback throughout the entire application development process and engagement to fit the client’s needs. This result in a long-term relationship and Return on Investment. Our team of top dev talents have chosen us for an optimal work environment and excellent client dev work engagement.

Our main goal is simple: deliver great software solutions with focus in quality and a partner-first approach.

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